12 Dads of Christmas

Let me add my Holiday Greetings to the many that have traversed the internet these last several weeks.  I hope, though, given its late arrival, that many of you won’t even get this message until after Christmas has passed!

This is because I have come to think of the holidays as a time when I hope we are inspired to turn our attention away from our computers for a bit longer than usual– so that we can spend time hanging out and laughing with people whose relationships we value.

So, in that spirit, I am not going to write my own blog post.  I am going to lift someone else’s, precisely I thought he captured this spirit so well.

Benjamin Tipping writes the Dad’s Blog ‘Mutterings of a Fool’.  He has been excellently kind enough to provide us all with a special version of ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas’.  Such laughter and silliness is what we all need at this time of year – and every other time of the year too!

So, without further ado, let me recommend to you the ‘Twelve Dads of Christmas’.  

Wishing you all a holiday season of laughter and renewal,



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